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18 January 2024 / Assessments

Inference - State of Security 2023

Statistical analysis of all our findings from 2023

11 January 2024 / Assessments

Tezfin security assessment

Tezfin security assessment.

4 December 2023 / Assessments

Inference's assessment reports

Inference's philosophy when it comes to how report bugs, both to the client and publically

14 November 2023 / Assessments

The Foundry fundamentals cheat sheet

All the Foundry you need to start your smart contract auditing career

24 October 2023 / Assessments

Crypto vademecum

Glossary of common crypto-related wordings

9 October 2023 / Assessments

FA1.2 token spender gas issue

Gas issue with FA1.2 token spenders potentially leading to locked tokens