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26 September 2023 / Assessments

QuipuSwap and PlentySwap security assessments

QuipuSwap and PlentySwap security assessments.

14 August 2023 / Assessments

Make the most out of your audit

5 tips to maximize the effectiveness of your smart contract audits

19 July 2023 / Assessments

Secure your EVM-based projects with Inference

Inference is now performing smart contract audits of EVM-based solutions.

2 April 2023 / Assessments

Lurk ZK proof language assessment

Lurk ZK proof language assessment.

9 October 2022 / Assessments

Alephium assessment

Inference reviews Alephium's security.

7 September 2022 / Assessments

Yupana lending protocol assessment

Inference reviews the Yupana lending protocol.