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7 September 2022 / Assessments

Yupana lending protocol audit

Inference reviews the Yupana lending protocol.

21 June 2022 / Assessments

Anoma MASP circuits audit

Inference reviews Anoma's MASP circuits.

10 May 2022 /

Michelson code reviews

Inference reviews both high-level languages and the resulting Michelson code.

24 March 2022 / Inference

Security baseline checking framework for Tezos smart contracts

Inference recently published the first version of the security assessment checklist for smart contracts on Tezos.

24 March 2022 / Assessments

Cake Wallet assessment

Cake Wallet hired us to review Thorchain's implementation of Monero multisig.

9 February 2022 / Inference

Security checklist for Tezos smart contracts