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Our Testimonials

Alessandro De Carli

CEO of Papers / software engineer at Ubinetic

The dedication to security and emphasis on detail, combined with their remarkable depth of knowledge make Inference a perfect partner for security code reviews. Working with Inference does not mean just getting an review report, but actually improving the software.


Dmitry Kovalevskiy

Head of

The security assessment conducted by Inference was thorough and insightful. They provided actionable recommendations to enhance the security of our smart contract. I would highly recommend Inference to anyone seeking a reliable and comprehensive smart contract audit. Your team's deep understanding of blockchain technology and commitment to quality assurance sets you apart in the industry.

Vladimir Zarechnev

Head of Baking Bad

We express our sincere gratitude for the excellent partnership during the audit of our smart contracts. The expertise of your team was evident in identifying overlooked checks, which has made our contract more reliable. Your optimization ideas led to the creation of more efficient code, while the Michelson code analysis helped reduce gas consumption.


Javier Gracia Carpio

Main smart contract developer for Teia

My overall experience was very good. It was the first smart contract audit I was involved in and I think it went very smoothly and fast. Your feedback to improve our contracts was always useful. Your checklist document was especially instructive and I appreciate that you made it public. My experience with you helped me in the development of future smart contracts.