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Services & Processes

The Inference commitment.

  • we deliver.

    We only accept projects we know we can successfully deliver upon. We vet scopes to ensure that assessments are meaningful.

  • real expertise.

    We only work with recognised subject matter experts, and validate our choices with you.

  • professionalism

    Our experience allows us to evaluate and articulate risks appropriately, to best prioritise mitigation measures.

  • our onboarding

    We perform due diligence of our clients and their projects before committing to an assessment, by means of our onboarding questionnaire.

  • our assessments

    We assess projects based on well-defined security goals. Our workflow demands active communication between our respective teams.

  • our reporting

    We assign severity scores based on a shared understanding of the threat model. We communicate and factcheck observations early on, no surprises.

The Inference Team

Arrigo Triulzi


Arrigo studied Mathematics and Computer Algebra at Imperial College and Queen Mary & Westfield in London. He is an independent consultant in IT security since 1993 specialising in creative offensive and defensive solutions and assessments. He’s been working on security on the blockchain since 2019.


Marco Schurtenberger

Smart contracts

Marco holds a MSc in Science from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. He worked as an information security consultant and reviewer for Compass Security, KPMG, and PwC. Since 2019 he has worked for the Tezos Foundation and performed technical reviews.


Andrea Szabados

Operations manager

Andrea holds a BA in International Relations and Business, and graduated from Budapest Business College. She brings more than 10 years of experience in customer-facing business, operations and commercial management in support of global contracts. At Inference, she leads all business operations activities and helps ensure efficiency, simplicity, and executional focus across the team.


JP Aumasson

Advisor, Cryptography

JP is co-founder and CSO of Taurus SA, and holds a PhD in cryptography from EPFL. He has been doing cryptography for 15 years, and security assessments since 2010. He wrote the reference books Serious Cryptography and Crypto Dictionary.


Leroy Bonventre

Security engineer

Leroy studied Computer Science at TSBE in Bern. He worked as a software developer for the past 5 years. He's contributed to various blockchain projects since 2016.


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