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By Inference staff4 October 2021

Inference is a new company offering security assessments for the decentralised world, with a particular focus on the Tezos ecosystem. We cover a multitude of systems, such as smart contracts, web applications, cryptographic protocols, and embedded systems. Inference is registered in Zurich, Switzerland, and works with clients and experts globally.

We worked with most of the leading security auditing companies, and felt that we could offer a different approach, leveraging our experience and network. Apart from Inference's staff, we work with a pool of external experts, mostly people we have worked with and who we can trust to deliver excellent work.

Inference only accepts projects that we can deliver upon.

A security assessment by Inference helps you on two levels:

  • Tactical: We look for security defects in the target of the assessment, propose mitigation measures, discuss with you the most suitable ones, and review the fixes that have been implemented.

  • Strategic: We estimate the risk from a broader perspective (including the risk that we missed major bugs), and provide recommendations about, for example, choices of technology, development lifecycles, and the scope of future security assessments.

For a more detailed view of how we work, please see our assessment workflow.

Are you interested in joining us? Please email [email protected].

Would you like to request a security assessment? Please fill-in our questionnaire and return it to [email protected].